Registration Number :E-7875/Thane
80 G Exemption Order No. :PN/CIT (Exempt)/Tech/80G/510/2015-16/6000

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Gopalkrishna Charitable Trust was incorporated on 31 January 2013. It is a formally registered trust with the Charity Commissioner. The trust has been awarded IT exemption under section 80G for various activities.

Gopalkrishna Charitable Trust was formed to serve the needy people in the central suburb of Mumbai and around. This trust specifically aimed at doing Medical and Educational activities for the society in line with the vision of Mr. Gopalkrishna Heroor (Founder of this trust) who was a very philanthropic person. He rose from humble beginnings and started out from a village in North Karnataka called Heroor in Shirsi Taluka.

At a very young age he had to come to Mumbai and worked at various places including working as Railway booking Clerk in order to rise through the rank in Reserve Bank of India and finally retired as Assistant General Manager. In his lifetime he did lot of philanthropic work helping many people who came from rural regions in order to settle in Mumbai helping the children to get education and helping them in their medical needs and other things.

Mr. Gopalkrishna Heroor was well-known for his helping behaviour within and outside Reserve Bank of India as well. In his memory the Heroor family decided to have a charitable trust in order to keep alive the philanthropic tradition set by him.


Team Members

Chairperson :
Dr. Anagha Heroor (Ophthalmic Surgeon)
Secretary :
Dr. Anil Heroor (Cancer Surgeon, Faculty at MUHS)
Dr. R G Gidadhubli (Retd HOD- Centre of Soviet Studies & University of Mumbai)
Supported by :
Dr. Uma Heroor (Founder of Anil Eye Hospital)
Dr. Tejinder Singh (Medical Oncologist)
Dr. G R Phalgumani (Director Retd- Textiles Company- Govt of India) IRB

1. To spread awareness about curable cancers and importance of timely screening aiding in early detection on community level with help of better advocacy and social campaigns, drives etc.

2. To conduct mobile cancer screening and mammography camps in urban and rural areas of Dombivli and its circumference.

3. To spread awareness and educate community about eye care and preventable eye diseases.

4. To conduct mobile eye checkup camps for screening preventable eye diseases and refractive errors in urban and rural areas of Dombivli and its circumferences.


1. Achievement of Aims with the help of awareness.

2. Social campaigns and screening camps in the community and alerting, aiding the high risk population.

3.The objectives also views at giving medical aids and treatment to the cancer patients.

4. To resource and recruit skillful individual or mobs which work with same enthusiasm and dedication as GKCT does.


Hope, Smiles and Sunshine

Hope, Smile & Sunshine intends to provide noble medical services with wing of skilled, passionate, dedicated, coordinated, trained team of Managing Executives, qualified Doctors and technical staff. The team works for the benefits and well-being of the general and needy public by rendering mobile and door step services in the communities with view of raising a ray of hope that will help in achieving the goal of healthy living thereby spreading smiles of happiness and shine with gleam of prosperity.


"Small steps lead to Long Leaps". The Mission of HSS is to spread awareness and conduct timely screening for early diagnosis of Eye diseases and dreadful cancers. The data collection from the services should lend a helping hand in statistical analysis, research work


To achieve aims, objectives & mission of HSS and prospering its reach to the root level
To extend its reach to the masses to spread the importance of timely screening and help in early diagnosis of Eye